Sunday, February 17, 2008

Leaving my mark: Reality TV

My comment in response to Newscoma's post about our fascination with reality TV and how it benefits the GLBT community:

Ahh, Pedro Zamora. How I remember him.

I was a young’un when he took MTV by storm. I was enthralled by “The Real World,” and all that it was then, not what it is today.

Of course, I loathe today’s most popular reality shows, those prime time hits discussed over the water cooler the next morning. I much prefer such gems as “The Girls Next Door,” “Dress My Nest,” “House Hunters” and “Ace of Cakes.”

This most assuredly reveals too many of my secrets. But guilty pleasures, when outed, tend to do that.

(Ohhh, and P.S. Does anyone remember Eric Nies in the first season of “The Real World” in NYC? I was about 13. *swoon*)

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