Monday, October 06, 2008

She kicked my butt tonight!

This was much too advanced for me, as evidenced by the ruby red color of my face and the heels of my palms, not to mention the nausea caused by my quivering abdominals. But I was able to tailor it by modifying the asanas, the amount of time I held them, or both.

For instance, I just can't hold the plank for more than a few seconds, especially after I've attempted it a few times, so I replaced it with downward dog once in a while as a "break". I'm not yet able to even get into the tree pose let alone hold it, so I twisted from plank and from warrior. And don't even get me started on jumping through!

The 15- to 50-minute window was the toughest, and I absolutely had to take a 3-minute water-and-breath break around the 25-minute mark. But please don't misunderstand. This post isn't meant as a complaint; on the contrary, I was thrilled with this session, and it was far from a complete failure.

I can't remember all the asanas, but I felt a happy mix of challenge and accomplishment with the warrior (1 and 2, I think), chair and triangle. I have trouble getting into navasana (the boat pose) because it hurts when I press my lower back into the ground; but I really like how I immediately feel my core muscles. And I certainly perfected the savasana (corpse pose) at the end! :)

I'm just happy to have found a great core-strengthening, heart-rate-hiking yoga workout - just what I need. She kicked my butt, and I loved it!

Check out, where you'll find a new, hour-long (or so) yoga workout each day. Not only are they shot outside in soul-stirringly (so what if it's not a word) gorgeous Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but it's free! Try it; you'll really like it.