Saturday, February 28, 2009

Buy festival tix on layaway

Per Springwise:

Back in 2007 we noted the return of layaway payment plans, and in today's economic climate the need for such arrangements is clearly even greater. Completely understandable, then, that several upcoming music festivals are giving attendees a layaway option for purchasing their tickets.

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, for example, will take place from April 17 to 19 in Indio, Calif., featuring a range of indie-rock artists. A three-day pass to the festival costs USD 269 plus fees, but this year, would-be attendees buying online have two alternatives to purchasing their tickets outright. First, they can pay just 50 percent of the cost up front, plus Ticketmaster fees, and then have the remaining 50 percent automatically deducted on April 1. Alternatively, they can pay 10 percent up front, plus Ticketmaster fees, and have the remaining amount automatically deducted in two equal payments on March 1 and April 1. The last day to order via layaway is Feb. 28, but the option is not available for single-day tickets or camping travel packages.

The Coachella festival is produced by Goldenvoice, which is offering similar layaway options at its Stagecoach Country Music Festival, also held in April in California.

Country Thunder USA, meanwhile, is offering an EZ-Pay option to purchase USD 119 general admission for its April festival in Arizona in two installments at no extra charge. Tickets must be purchased online by the end of this month.

Finally, for the June Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Tennessee, attendees who buy by the end of February have the option of purchasing their USD 249.50 general admission tickets in five installments of USD 50 plus applicable fees. Bonnaroo offered an installment plan last year as well, according to USA Today.

Economic woes may be hitting consumers far and wide, but that doesn't mean all luxuries have to be dispensed with. Be flexible in your terms of payment, and consumers may just pay you back—with interest! ;-)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Don't answer that

Normally, I'm offended by the gender stereotypes used to market media (FuelTV and Mopar Muscle are for men, and women dig Lifetime and Cosmo), because my interests cross over quite a bit. But this time, I'm thankful to not be part of the target market.

While looking for the Dew Tour to schedule it on my DVR, I came across a SpikeTV show called Manswers. AT&T U-verse describes it this way:
Knowledge that a guy can appreciate is presented, including tips on how to spot an undercover cop who's pretending to be a hooker, the surefire method to become drunk faster, and how to take a punch to the head with less risk of brain damage.
Apparently they answer life's critical quandaries, including:
~ Which is deadlier, a samurai sword or a speeding bullet?
~ What are some uses for your urine?
~ How can I get out of handcuffs?
~ How many girls are really bi?

God help us...