Saturday, April 19, 2008

Question of the Day: Services

What single service is most worth paying for?

Answers so far:
~ Driver
~ Somebody to drive me around and then do my laundry, so I guess a maid/driver.
~ Car wash

My answer:
My initial thought was to choose something extravagant, but of course it would be something I don't actually currently pay anyone to do for me. So, I started thinking of the services that I either now pay, or have in the past paid, someone to do for me. Having the house cleaned gives me more free time and thus sanity. Having my car detailed does the same, as well as spares me from that hard work in the hot sun, but I invariably regret "my laziness" when I see spots I'm sure I wouldn't have missed if I'd just done it myself. So, I'll go with a haircut; it's the single thing I really, truly know I wouldn't have - couldn't have - done better myself, and not walking around with a butchered mullet (self-inflicted, no less) is worth every penny.