Sunday, June 03, 2007

Prettier in person

Don't look directly at it.

Bait and tackle

Crazy random: a tiny, silver fish laying dead in a suburban office building's parking lot.
Thinking of opening a bait and tackle shop.

Clogged pipes

Even the cleanest public restrooms are lacking.
Here, someone decided the drain was 'lacking' a stopper and added one quickly.
No paper towels for the rest of us!

Bring back love!

Hand-written sign says, 'Bring back love!'
Downtown Boca Raton isn't exactly a haven for revolutionaries (or even deep thinkers for that matter), so this sight was worth capturing.

Tune of the Day

Sondre Lerche's spunky Norwegian pop with groovy guitar melodies is my latest find. Score!

Phantom Punch

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(checkered Vans = icing)