Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Question of the Day: Fireworks

Would you rather watch a professional fireworks display or set them off yourself with family and friends? (And what are your plans for tonight?)

Answers I've received so far:
~ Watch them. I like having ten fingers! (I'll be with you tonight!)
~ Go see them, so I can spend my time drinking. (We're going to the beach for the fireworks. Or did you forget?!)
~ We spend like $1,000 on fireworks for our own show every year. Yeah! (Not sure yet._
~ Neither. I hate fireworks. (I'd rather stay home and read.)

My answer:
I like to do both. Often we spend the day at the beach or the park, then watch the fireworks at the beach. Afterwards, we come back to someone's house and set them off while the party continues. (Though this year, after we come back from the fireworks display at the beach, there will be nothing more than sparklers at our house. I so love sparklers, but will really miss my Roman candles. Tee hee!)

This photo was not taken in my town, but it gives you an idea of what our beach looks like every Fourth of July. The difference is that we have such an amazing display, we aren't allowed to sit that close to the pier anymore, and we have so many people you just can't see the sand. It's really a blast (pun intended).

(Post your answer as a comment.)

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