Thursday, July 05, 2007

Current conundrums

Things that are currently on my mind:

~ Trapezius muscle is all kinds of kinked up on the right side. The spasms come and go, but sitting at the computer, with my arms outstretched while plying the keyboard, seems to exacerbate it. Is it worth unplugging myself? Not yet.

~ Find a new dress (et al) for friend's wedding this Saturday OR find new shoes/bag/etc. to freshen the new-ish cocktail dress that I wore to our mutual friend's recent wedding. Time and money are factors, but more important is the desire to look snazzy, as almost everyone I know will be there. Hmm... Did someone say, "Entirely new ensemble"?!

~ Will I have time to clean the house in preparation for my best friend's visit from out of state for said wedding? Actually, since she's the best friend, perhaps just a quick tidy & spiff, nothing major. If there were no stacks of books and magazines alongside the bed and sofa, she'd think she was in the wrong house.

~ I must must must narrow the focus of my web project so that I can really dive into research and material gathering ASAP. (By chance, does anyone have video they shot while living in Japan?! *she asks hopefully*) Where will I find the time... Oh, I know, I just won't sleep!

~ I'm also concerned that my machine (which is pretty and smart and reliable, just like her momma!) won't approve of the new software I need to complete that project. Chanting: I wanna new MacBook, I wanna new MacBook, I wanna new MacBook. Santa, Mommy, secret admirer, anyone: I've been a good girl; really I have.

~ A variety of love woes. I'll leave it at that.

~ Planning to update my To Read list. I love when it grows, because it means someone out there is still churning out great writing. But I'm sad that it never seems to get any shorter these days, not even a little bit, because I have almost zero time for pleasure reading. August 10: graduation. August 11: tackle To Read list. :) (Check out the updated version to the right. --->)

~ Above conundrum reminded me that I've had the same three Netflix DVDs sitting on top of my TV for about a month or so, and I haven't turned that TV on in about two weeks. So, not only am I not reading my books or magazines, or watching my movies, or buying new music. It's also been months and months since I had everyone over for a movie night or game night. We could all use the relaxation (and drinks); perhaps at the end of this month... Stay tuned, folks!

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Anonymous said...

You have this girl pegged. I would totally think I was in the wrong house if Brainiac things were not lying around such as books and mags. I am sad that I didn't get a call back this evening but yet you have time to update your blog dammit :) I would totally think you were cheating on me for the blog but then again I will take in anyway shape or form... After all what are BFF's for? Except to STALK eachother like I have done so well with you? Did I mention I am SOOO not loving this long distance shit? Okay off to bed I go and Soooo Super Excited to see you tomorrow