Monday, July 02, 2007

An affinity for asterisks

After answering a few silly questions, mostly about your social life and interests, this goofy quiz site will tell you which punctuation point you most resemble. This piqued the interest of the uber-nerdy part of my brain, so I spent the five minutes to take the quiz. Although the *asterisk* has always been my preferred mark of punctuation, it seems that I am an exclamation point (!!!). I have no problem with being the life of the punctuation party, and I can absolutely see the parallel to my actual life, but am I really called to action so often that it requires a comparison of me with a Chicago street hooker? (And why not Queens or Burbank or Plainfield, CT, for gosh sakes?)

You scored 69% Sociability and 41% Sophistication!

Yes, you are fine around others. Fine. But you wish you could have just a *little* more alone time. Okay, well, a lot more alone time. In fact, you'd be happier if you didn't have to go out nearly as much. You get along very well with the period, who tries mightily to take up as much of the load as he can. But fools will not listen. You want to scream, "Cut it out, for the love of Safire!" But, all of that notwithstanding, you do your duty. And, if sometimes you feel like a Chicago street hooker, you also remember that you really do have an important role to play. Your soul remains pure. Hold your head high!

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