Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hillary and Todd, sitting in a tree...

Denver's Westword recently posted this article about Hillary Clinton's camp choosing Big Head Todd and the Monsters' "Blue Sky" as its campaign song. This is like Oreos and milk for me -- what a sweet combination! I couldn't be happier to see a great candidate give my all-time favorite band some amazing (and well overdue) exposure.

Of course, there's icing on those Oreos, as this song has taken the place of the original campaign song: some airline jingle by Celine Dion, "You and I." CNN isn't sure if this was a smart move for the campaign -- check out the news clip. But I am. :)

Big Deal for Big Head Todd
The Hillary’s suddenly alive with the sound of good music.

Published: December 13, 2007

After Big Head Todd and the Monsters kicked off Senator Hillary Clinton's appearance at Auraria in October, she added "Blue Sky" — the song that Todd Park Mohr and company had written at the request of members of the Space Shuttle Discovery for their 2005 mission, the first since the Columbia disaster — to her campaign playlist.

And now the former University of Colorado at Boulder boys have really taken off, because "Blue Sky" has replaced "You and I" as the official sound of Hillary. In a much-publicized online vote in June, the people picked that saccharine Celine Dion tune (a former airline jingle) as the campaign's theme, and it was announced during the Clintons' famous Sopranos commercial. But that was then, and Big Head is so now, as an alert ABC reporter blogged in revealing the switch in tuneful allegiances.

Is the Big Head flip-flop a risky move with only a few weeks until the critical Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses? Probably not. Dion hails from Canada, while Mohr and his bandmates still live in Colorado (when they're not touring), and this state will be Democrat Central come August and the party's national convention. In fact, the selection could be a nod to the importance of the Rocky Mountain West in the Democratic game plan. Mining that same vein, Off Limits noticed that Hillary was sporting lovely turquoise earrings and a matching necklace at an appearance last week — a sly way, perhaps, to split some of that all-important New Mexico vote away from presidential rival and current New Mexico governor Bill Richardson.

From here on, it's nothing but "Blue Sky."

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