Thursday, June 21, 2007

I can't count to 1 million

I'm telling you, I couldn't. No, no, it's never going to happen, and don't try to convince me otherwise. It initially sounds like an easy task.

But just watch this guy. He's laying on his sofa and counting out loud in his southern twang. Today, Day Four, he's counted between 37,001 and almost 53,000 (as of my posting).

Honest! Who would make this up?! Go, take a look, and tell me you don't quickly lose faith in your own ability to lounge about, neglect your life and otherwise make an ass of yourself on the interwebs. Yeah, naw, I'm thinking I'd sooner claim the inability to count, like, at all - not even to 10.

I say this, of course, because it would be, for me, a lesser embarrassment than completing, or even attempting, this project. Now that I look at his site more closely, I realize the man has sponsors' banners draped around his living room and is selling T-shirts bearing his smirking mug and the beaming-with-pride phrase, "I helped this idiot count to 1 million." This means that not only does he have entirely too much time on his hands and a skewed picture of what might entertain people (you know, normal people, not bloggers like me). He also has high hopes, BIG dreams. This man is an entrepreneur.

Take that, critics. You and I work much, much harder for our money. Shame on us, and God speed to him.

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