Thursday, March 02, 2006

Who gets a street named after them?

What committee decides whether a person deserves to have a street named after them, post-mortem? I mean, really. Come on!

Well, actually, someone must, because Peter Jennings has his own street near ABC News' studios in Manhattan.

A portion of West 66th Street is now also known as Peter Jennings Way.

I am clearly not a part of this streets-named-for-dead-folk committee, or I'd known about this way earlier. So, I will refrain from giving my opinion about whether the late, esteemed journalist should be living it up (err, wrong terminology, sorry) on the West side.

All joking aside, though, this does beg the question of who is deserving of such an honor and who makes that call.


Anonymous said...

I just wonder is it free or does it cost?

MetroOwl said...

I think it's free... but the tax payers have to pay for the cost of the sign, the employees putting the paperwork through, etc. Ugh!