Thursday, March 02, 2006

Make up your mind already!

I've always been an indecisive clod, worrying too much over how any choice I make might affect my entire life. Then, after I've finally relented and made a decision, I wonder, "What if? How might things have been different if I'd gone with Door #2 instead of #1?"

When folks think about their choices too hard and for too long, the decision becomes more difficult and the more likely they are to not be happy with their final choice, according to stories recently published by, Yahoo News and the New York Times.

The news stories state that simple decisions are more wisely made when they are pored over a bit, but the same is not true when the decision is more complex and difficult to make.

Ultimately, the study seems to say that we ought to listen to our gut instinct, our first choice, because we are more likely to be happy with it in the long run.
Some theorize that this is because our unconscious brain is better at complex reasoning or can better handle an overload of info than can our conscious brain.

There are plenty of theories and ideas swarming around this story, but my first guess, my gut instinct, is that we should trust those instincts because they are just that - part of our animal being, the way in which God or nature (you choose) intended for us to know what to do in life.

Of course, if you're a fatalist, there's always that possibility, too -- When things are meant to be, they happen. That's also known as, "God has a funny way of working things out."

And if you don't believe in fate or God, perhaps you can sum it up as, "Your heart knows better than your head."

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Anonymous said...

Sister...I love it how I am anonymous and you know who i am..This is the best one's so true Hot the FU@k do we know..I am still waiting on my guess you could say everything happens for a reason..xoxo