Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sellouts drive for free

In Australia and some European countries (Austria, France), residents can drive for free (or cheap) a car plastered with the advertisements of some savvy companies (Coca Cola, Nike).

A small, city-friendly car (say a Citroen or Smart Car) is covered from nose to tail with a colorful, large advert depicting some well-known consumer product or service. In exchange for driving around their (usually large) city in this mobile billboard, drivers pay little to nothing for the use of a completely maintained vehicle.

Carvertising is not a bad bet for students or young professionals who need a vehicle, cannot easily afford the accompanying costs, and don't mind advertising impotency medication or cellular service while driving to the grocery store.

And now, a word to our sponsors:
Oh, large and clever corporations of the world, please get with the program. See what a viable and powerful advertising vehicle (pun intended) carvertising could be in the U.S. Bring it, and we broke-but-brilliant twenty-somethings will come!

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Anonymous said...

Do you think Nike, would repair a front end collision with "Swoosh" endorsed bumpers? Maybe a front end made of Pepsi cans! Could be another great marketing device! I know someone who could use the help! She can't drive well(obviously), but she's beautiful and brilliant.