Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Found objects

Ask A Urinal

"It's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho."

"Why are you looking up here? The joke is in your hands."

Newsroom Quotes

"I do think that 99% of heads are bigger than arses."

"I have no luck. Last time I went out I ended up knocking on a murderer’s door."


"Perfect use for your plastic water bottles"

UrbanEye by The NY Times

"Can you use a thesaurus as a weapon? Tonight Opium Magazine
sponsors a Literary Death Match: competitive reading.
Readers, including the veteran SNL and comedy writer Alan
Zweibel and the novelists Rivka Galchen, Josh Weil and
Michael Muhammad Knight -- author of "The Taqwacores," which
has been called "'The Catcher in the Rye' for young
Muslims" -- will unspool some verbiage in the round at
Pianos. They will be judged -- by a New Yorker writer, a
"Project Runway" alum and a comedienne -- on their
showmanship, meter and sesquipedalianism, and everyone will
feel smarter when they leave."

Raft Clear Creek River w/ Mile-Hi Rafting

"Sure Shot: $37 Adults / $30 Child
Rafting on Clear Creek River’s mountain water is an experience that’s fun for the whole family. Get ready for some fun on our exciting ‘Sure Shot’ beginner-rafting trip. Begin with passing by the historic Charlie Taylor Water Wheel experiencing Class II rapids (ripples). While rafting through Historic Idaho Springs the Class III rapids of Castle Falls and Argo Holes test your newly developed rafting skills. Below town history and nature abound, with the occasional sighting of Retail Hawk, Deer, Fox, Bob Cat, Lynx, Elk, and Big Horn Sheep. Dizzy Lizzy, Power Line, Mountain Lion, and Box prepare us for the grand finale of Mr. Twister! The perfect beginner—starting with Class II water so you can practice, and then the Class III rapids. There is a 50 pound minimum for rafting to insure proper fit of the life jacket. Allow 3 hours for the trip."

311 really wants ya to watch "Hey You"

The band has hidden a phone number in the video. Call the number, leave a message, and the band might call you back. I love love love 311, but this song is just "eh". So, the only reason to watch the vid is for glimpses of hot Nick Hexum.


Training class for the masses looks like a good workout.

Bike trials

Danny MacAskill, an in-feakin'-credible rider from the U.K.
(And this song by Band of Horses is fab.)

A smattering of Vincent Hermance in Colorado

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