Thursday, February 19, 2009

The All Good looks like it isn't

I've never heard of this festival before, but somehow I got onto its mailing list.

I sorta dig a couple of these artists, and apparently the lineup is still in its formative stages. But, if this is all they have confirmed at this point, I'm not even hestitantly optimistic that the final lineup would be worth roughing it in WV for three days.

Perhaps I'm not enough of a hippie? I do dislike having dirt under my fingernails when not gardening...

Have any of you attended this festival before? What about festivals in general? Do you think they're worth "the trouble", especially the camp-over ones? Or does that trouble make it all the more enjoyable for you?

All Good Music Festival and Campout
July 10-12, 2009
Marvin's Mountaintop in Masontown, WV

Ben Harper and Relentless7
Bob Weir and Ratdog
Les Claypool
Yonder Mountain String Band
Tea Leaf Green
Steve Kimoch Crazy Engine
The New Mastersounds
Donna the Buffalo

...blah blah blah...go see if you've ever heard of the rest of these bands...

Now, Coachella? That's a bit more tempting...

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