Monday, January 05, 2009

Day 6 in Colorado

~ Slept in after a late, great night.
~ Walked out for a quick brunch, some of us to Poppycock's and other to McDonald's (I know, I know).

~ Left Aspen with heavy hearts. Not only is it hard to leave this magical place, but the BHTM part of our trip is now over. (One more month and most of us will be seeing them again; that's not so bad!)
~ On the way back to Boulder, we longingly eyed the natural spring-fed pool in Glenwood Springs, and made stops for coffee and to take photos of the crazy-beautiful views.

~ Made a beeline for Zolo, where we enjoyed a relaxing dinner.

~ After driving by a few sights, we took our friend home and wandered around the Pearl Street Mall. As usual, we took the long, winding way back to the hotel. I'm struck by the number of Mexican restaurants and 7-11s, and the funny name of one of their main grocers, King Soopers (of course, Publix here in the south isn't necessarily a less-amusing moniker).

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