Saturday, January 17, 2009

Apparently, white folks like leaves of absence

A recent post on the Stuff White People Like blog takes a comical look at what young, middle-class white folks do when they want to "find themselves." It's quite funny, especially because I know many people like this and I myself hope to teach English abroad. I don't see as much pretention in my friends as he apparently sees in such people, but I totally get what he's saying and it's just plain funny. (Yes, self-important 20-somethings can laugh at themselves - can't they?)

An excerpt:

It is most common for the person taking the year off to use this time to travel (see Post #19 for reasons why). Generally, they will start off with a set amount of money that will use to travel for as long as possible. This explains why a white person with an $800 backpack will haggle with a poverty-stricken street vendor about a $2 dollar plate of food.

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