Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How to choose a favorite hockey team

Well, perhaps it's not the best way, especially when it comes to fantasy play (trust me!), but it is an option for you serious boozers out there. :)

Puck Daddy's (sometimes amusing) blog reported today on the average cost of an evening of hockey fun. As P.D. states, most of us don't fit under that "typical family night" umbrella of four hot dogs, two ball caps, two small beers and so on for $288.23.

Most folks just want the beer, and lots of it. And if they can't afford what's sold at the arena, they'll pre-drink in the parking lot - or avoid the crowd entirely, enjoying the game at home with a remote in one hand and a 12-pack in the other. (This makes me wonder if the arena owners wouldn't make more cash by making beer affordable for the heavy-drinking masses, rather than only to a small few. But, anyway...)

So, what's the going rate for Panthers fans? It seems those money-hungry bastards at the BankAtlantic Center charge $7 for a 20-ounce beer - that's 35 cents an ounce. No wonder I don't booze it up when I'm at the games! (The 40-minute drive home has something to do with that, too.)

Based on this list, I'm thinking I oughtta start traveling to games in Pittsburgh ($0.25/ounce) or Washington ($0.28/ounce).

Can you afford to take a date to your next home game?

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