Saturday, January 26, 2008

Where my mouse has taken me

Here are a few places my mouse has taken me today:

I'm about to start reading The Emperors of Chocolate: Inside the Secret World of Hershey and Mars for my book club. Looks like a interesting inside look at the world of chocolate companies, much like Fast Food Nation was an inside look at the world of fast food companies. I really enjoyed that book, so I'm hopeful about this one.

Backpacker Concierge helps travelers looking for bang for their buck in Egypt. Nubian guesthouses, sailboat cruises on the Nile, desert safaris. Pretty cool.

A group of hackers and activists calling themselves Anonymous has shut down a Scientology website and is working to disseminate information that will, they say, show the religion for the dangerous joke it really is. Meanwhile, they accidentally shut down a Dutch school's server, too. This all began after the church tried to take down all online versions of the leaked, four-year-old video of Tom Cruise extolling the virtues of the religion.

The One City One Book idea -- that the local library can get the whole city reading and discussing a single book at once -- has expanded to a police force. Perhaps these books are worth checking out?

Got the movie times for Cloverfield, which was pretty good but I was pretty immobilized by the motion sickness caused by the HandyCam effect. Similar to watching Blair Witch Project all over again -- ugh.

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