Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Question of the Day: Resolve

What resolutions did you keep (or changes did you make) in 2007?

Answers I've received so far:
~ It wasn't a resolution I made on New Year's Day, but mid-year I decided to get healthy and lose weight, and I've been doing it.
~ I know which I didn't keep: to stop talking to "him," but here we are, best buddies. I don't know how that happened.

My answer:
I'm not sure that I'd really defined any resolutions for myself last New Year's Day, perhaps for fear of not being able to answer this very question today. But I can say that I've tried putting into practice some lessons I learned about who I am and how I tick. I also made some significant changes in the ways that I take care of myself -- working out several times a week (and truly enjoying it), drinking tons more water, giving up caffeine almost entirely, and slowly convincing my taste buds that healthier food really is tastier food.

That said, self-improvement (physical and otherwise) is an ongoing effort, and I certainly aim to improve further in 2008 -- fitting in more physical activity with a focus on cardiovascular endurance, devoting more time to shopping for and cooking healthy and yummy food, getting a full night's sleep every day, giving myself permission to work on crafts and other projects that bring me joy, believing that it's really OK to stay home some nights and do absolutely nothing, etc.

I've a few other goals -- be more patient, make travel happen (some way, some how), read more, curse less, save money for a down payment on some real estate, spend more time with my family, take my pups to the dog park more often, etc. I believe these are all completely reasonable, feasible goals; and I especially like that there is no set quota (say, "dog park every Saturday morning," or "dinner with Mom two nights a week"), as quotas almost always forecast for me unmet goals. I'm learning that constant, incremental improvement is the best we can ask of ourselves. After all, didn't we learn as children that slow and steady wins the race?

I wish each of you all the self-love, motivation and support you could possibly need to keep the promises you make to yourself this year.

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