Friday, September 28, 2007

Some cool music

Here's some music I've enjoyed lately. Perhaps you will, too. Let me know what you think.

Over the Rhine ~ Trouble
(Stripped and sexy. "If you've come to make some trouble, better make it good. Your sexy cocktail hour stubble is doing what it should." Oh.)

Aesop Rock ~ None Shall Pass
(They call this hip hop and compare him -- Ian Bavitz -- to the Beasties. I don't know, but it's irrelevant 'cuz I LOVE this song. And Aesop Rock is just a cool name. Damn, I'm bouncing around in my chair as I type.)

Iron and Wine ~ Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car
(Soundtrack: driving, in the middle of the night and with the windows down, to absolutely nowhere along a lonely road lit only by the occasional street light -- so you can think, or, rather, not think at all.)

(Hot. Who says spinners aren't artists? I feel an impromptu party coming on. Who's with me? Turntables? Anyone?)

Ryan Adams ~ Everybody Knows
(Sit tight while the French TV host introduces Ryan, who's backed by The Cardinals. It's worth the wait/laugh. And you get a tiny bonus interview at the end!)

Jake Shimabukuro ~ Third Stream
(The uke. Wow. Who knew? Oh, and he's Japanese, lives in Hawaii, and loves George Harrison -- need I say more? And if you enjoy this, watch him play "Crazy G" on YouTube; your wrist will ache in sympathy.)

Medeski, Martin and Wood ~ Uninvisible
(Funk. Period.)

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