Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Question of the Day: Procrastination

When it comes to huge, critical projects, or just small, inconsequential tasks, do you prepare in advance or procrastinate?

Answers I've received so far:
~ I get stuff done early so it doesn't hang over my head at the last minute.

My answer:
Both, sorta. I plan plan plan (hey, I'm damn good at it), but then procrastinate when it comes to the actual completion of the project. I've always told myself that the procrastination is OK because I produce better work when under a time crunch. Of course, this is likely a load of crap, but it helps me feel better about my bad habits, and the system's worked so far!

(Post your answer as a comment.)

1 comment:

Xakkd said...

I Procrastinate like woah.