Monday, May 28, 2007

Tweet me, baby

To keep up with what I'm doing and thinking (cuz God knows you just HAVE to), go to, create a username, and make sure it's connected to your cell. Then befriend me (I'm now on Twitter as "MetroOwl" to make it easier for everyone to find me). I figured it out, so it's pretty simple.

Now, everytime you send a text to 40404, I (and all your other Twitter friends) will get the text. And everytime any of us sends out a tweet, you'll get it, too. Pretty rad, eh? Course, it is quite ridiculous, and a big drag on our attention spans and efficiency. But who the hell cares. Tech rocks.

Here's what has to say about it:

What Are You Doing?
The allure of Twitter, the latest Web sensation.

By Michael Agger
Posted Tuesday, April 10, 2007, at 4:15 PM ET

Twitter is the newest assault on your attention span. Once you've signed in, the Twitter site immediately prompts you with a question in bold type: "What are you doing?" Below, there's a blinking cursor and a blank white space where you have 140 characters with which to answer. That's basically it. Here are some twitter messages, known as "tweets," culled this morning:

limburger2001 watching csi, and preparing for our work meeting tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. Thank god for coffee ! ...

jeremias listening to Curious George in the background while drinking terroir coffee whose headquarters happen to be 5 minutes away

tiroriro Che! Me voy a cocinar


Geewiz Just recovered from a night of playing WoW.

These messages are culled from Twitter's "public timeline." Most tweets are viewable by all. They join a stream of tweets from around the globe—a ticker tape of quotidian detail. The tweets you write are also sent to designated friends via text message, e-mail, or instant message. Finally, strangers can elect to "follow" you and receive your updates. According to tracking site Twitterholic, the top 10 twitterers have thousands of people following them—a literal cult of personality. Paul Terry Walhus, a gray-haired Austin coffee-shop blogger who has 8,789 friends and 1,722 followers, is currently the most popular person on the site. His latest tweet: "5:33 am cst L:78704 starting work week ... full plate today ... toast, mango yogurt and coffee w half and half."

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