Thursday, February 16, 2006

"American Idol" vs. the Olympics?

It should not be terribly shocking that 55% of TV viewers would rather watch "American Idol," while 34% prefer the Olympics. (The remaining 11% of voters in today's AOL Sports poll don't like either one.) But I am surprised.

Perhaps my judgement is clouded by memories of having to get up and turn the dial to watch TV as a child, when "Star Search" and "Love Boat" ruled the airwaves and the Olympics and the Miss America pageant were huge events around which the week's schedule was planned.

I am surprised that the two shows are even in the same category, or, at the very least, that the modern-day version of "Star Search" was not put on hold for the Winter Games - as were all pro hockey games. (Smart and respectful of you, NHL. Thank you.)

But the poll shows that 72% of people find this year's Games less compelling than those in the past. Is this because of the serious overhyping going on thanks to 24/7 media coverage? Is the excitement of the competition overshadowed by the grand size of the build-up?

The rest of the poll findings are as follows:
55% said "American Idol" has more real-life drama
56% said the Olympic judges are the fairest
68% said the Olympic crashes are better
68% said "America Idol" is a better star-maker
55% said "American Idol" contestants have the brightest futures

Wow! I can't see "Star Search" ever beating out the Olympics in viewer ratings 20 years ago. But then, Ed McMahon is so much nicer (and, thus, less fun to watch) than Simon Cowell.

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