Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Onion gets sci-fied

The Onion, a very popular and usually pretty entertaining site, today posted as though it was June 22, 2056. The site has a stereotypically futuristic look, complete with that voice found only on rides at Epcot and in 80s vehicles that told you "Your door is ajar."

Despite all of this, or more likely because of it, the information and photos contained therein are quite fun to read and look at. So, skip on over and take a gander - but only if you promise to peek again on a "normal" day, too.

(Psst! Yeah, you! Avert your eyes a few inches above these words. See there, the headline "The Onion gets sci-fied?" That is the link to the Web site. I know, I know most of you were aware of that. But I realize some of you are new to blogs.)

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